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 Leaning Tower of Pisa

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Started in 1173, the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Pisa, Italy, is an example of Romanesque architecture. The leaning structure is actually the campanile (Italian for “belfry” or “belltower”) of the cathedral of Pisa.

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Function: Bell Tower (Campanile)
Original Architect: Bonanno Pisano
Architect who realized that the Leaning Tower could not be straightened:
Tomasso di Andrea da Pontedera (1275)
Years Built: 1173-1350

Latitude: 43.7167 (43° 43' 0" N)
Longitude: 10.3833 (10° 22' 60" E)
Elevation of Piazza dei Miracoli: About 6 feet, (2 meters) (DMS)

First Construction Stop: 1178 (War with Firenze)
Year in which lean became obvious: 1178 (Third Story)
Height at which lean became obvious: 10.6 meters (35 ft.)
Level at which Tower Straightens to North: 5 (About 110 meters)
Second Construction Stop: 1185 (War with Firenze)
Later Construction Stop: 1284 (War with Genoa, Major Sea Battle Defeat)

Height: 55.863 meters (185 feet). 8 stories.
Outer Diameter of Base: 15.484 meters
Inner Diameter of Base: 7.368 meters

Weight: 14,700 metric tons
Thickness of Walls at the Base: 8 feet
Direction of Lean: 1173-1250 North, 1272-1997 South


        Looking West from Top of Tower about 1900                    Looking West from Top of Tower 2002


7th Floor Completed: 1319
Bell Tower Completed: 1350
First Bells added: 1198 (Third Floor)
Total Number of Bells: 7, tuned to musical scale
Largest Bell: Three and a half tons, cast in 1655.
Oldest Bell's name: Pasquarreccia

Address: Campo dei Miracoli - the "Field of Miracles", Pisa, Italia

Year cement injected into base, (blamed for lean acceleration): 1934
Steps to Bell Tower: 294
Number of visitors who climbed to top in 1989: 700,000
Date Closed to Public: 7 January 1990
Date Re-opened to Public: 15 December 2001

Weight of Lead added on North side (picture above): 600 tons (1995)
Amount of tilt recorded overnight in September 1995: 2.5 mm (0.07")
Weight of Lead added after overnight tilt in September 1995: 230 tons

Rate of Fall in 1990: 1.2 mm (1/20") every year ("Un millimetre per anno")
Source: The Guardian (London) August 19 1997
Amount of tilt correction from 1990 - 1999: 25 mm (about 1.0")
Amount of tilt correction from 1999-2001: 43.8 cm (about 17.25")
Date that Tower was last at current tilt: 1700


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